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An Iranian-born senator who describes himself as a non-practising Muslim has been ambushed and called a terrorist at a Melbourne bar. The murder of Clutter family members (main, from left) Kenyon, 15, Nancy, 16, and their parents, Bonnie Rae (seated) and Herbert (seated), in their Kansas farmhouse in November 1959 shocked America and shattered the sense of security in small towns across the nation.

Labor powerbroker Sam Dastyari was buying drinks at Victoria University's inner-city Footscray campus on Wednesday night when two men confronted him. You little monkey,' one of them says.'Why don't you go back to Iran, you terrorist? Senator Dastyari, who arrived in Australia aged four in early 1988, returned fire, as the men stood on either side of him. The murders and the killers, Perry Smith (top right) and Dick Hickock (bottom right), were further immortalized by Truman Capote's (inset) book In Cold Blood, which sparked the true crime genre.

Their relationship has been plagued with explosive split rumours since The Bachelorette's grand finale episode last month.

But Sophie Monk, 37, and Stu Laundy, 44, haven't let fan speculation damen their spirits, having both appeared in a hilarious dance battle on Instagram this Wednesday.

Charlie Sheen is being accused of sodomizing a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the movie 'Lucas.' According to the National Enquirer, a now deceased Haim had told others about how he was allegedly raped as a minor by Sheen, who was 19 at the time, while filming the 1986 movie, including former actor, Dominick Brascia, who went on the record about what he says Haim (left, inset with Sheen) told him. Haim said after it happened Sheen became very cold and rejected him.

'Haim told me he had sex with Sheen when they filmed 'Lucas,' Brascia, told the Enquirer. When Corey wanted to fool around again, Charlie was not interested.' Police believe Maha Al-Shennag (main) was distracted after dropping her water bottle, resulting in her launching her car into a classroom and killing two eight-year-old students.

In a series of short clips shared to Sophie's Instagram story, the high-profile pair are seen performing gyrating dance moves with a dustpan in hand.

This is the tense moment a Muslim woman's niece tells her aunty she doesn't like Islam.

In a Brisbane lounge room, her niece (main picture) says Islam is taking over the world.

Ms Al-Shennag then accidentally pressed on the accelerator, sending the car launching off an object and flying into the 3T demountable building (inset).

We're used to seeing celebrities preened to perfection, with glamorous gowns, voluminous blow-dries and, of course, immaculate makeup.

Now, a new docuseries re-examines the tragedy, featuring interviews with friends, relatives - including the daughters of surviving children Eveanna (main, standing) and Beverly (main, far right), who were not in the home at the time of the crime - experts and law enforcement, some of whom are speaking publicly for the first time A Russian woman in her 20s claims a man by the name of Rinat Bilyanov kept her prisoner in a squalid home (top, far right) for six years, having four children with her even as he beat and tortured her.

The woman said she met Bilyanov through a dating site for Tartar Muslims and while they were not officially married, they did undergo a religious ceremony.

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A former longtime Boston television news anchor claims that Kevin Spacey (right) sexually assaulted her then-18-year-old son last summer and that police are now investigating the alleged incident.

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