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I would be afraid of getting really sick from drinking old piss. Okay since this was a random UA how can they determine he drank excessive amounts of water to dilute the sample?

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Martin Stein saying Cyborg was a promising decathlon athlete until an accident destroyed most of his body and his father replaced part of his body with machine parts. He becomes fast friends with fellow teammate Firestorm.

He is an affiliate of the Justice League of America under Superman.

So just was reading over at that fan facebook man of steel page. Ya its utter bull no trunks, when in the finale we had trunks and it is set a short time after the darkseid deal.

Looks like there is a report of another young actor joining the cast(whoses scenes will be flashback smallville stuff). But i guess dc really wants to go with no trunks look for all superman stuff.

https:// Tuesday or Thursday and experience the banny venik https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banny_venik with birch twigs.

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I realize Kreuk was Asian but she was really the first to depart from the red-headed Lana Lang in live action and certainly the first "ethnic" one.Was reading the description of the next DC Animated Feature coming out "Justice League: DOOM" based on The "Tower of Babel" storyline, and guess which former Teen Titan has been "aged up" with the rest of the JLA? Looks like it will extend beyond just this film too: Mini-featurette – “Their Time Has Come: Cyborg and the DC Universe’s New Diversity” – 2011 will go down in DC Comics storied history as a year when a rich diversity of characters were re-introduced into the spotlight alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.One of the most celebrated of the re-imagined characters is Cyborg, who became the new Man of Steel in Geoff Johns’ altered universe storyline, Flashpoint. Its always fun to see elements that where good mind you from books/mediums and appearing in other forms of it later.In the introductory episode to Cyborg, "The Seeds of Doom", Cyborg's abilities save Earth from Darkseid's seeds, but as Superman warns, make Darkseid a dangerous enemy to Cyborg, so Cyborg joins the League.Surprised no one's mentioned the rebooted Green Arrow yet. cm=20058 The design is definitely based off the SV version (notice the hood, vest, goggles and lack of van dyke).

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