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Telemarketing and market research calls sometimes use a recorded or synthetic voice.This practice is allowed under the telemarketing rules and is particularly common for opinion polling during election periods. The telemarketing rules require that before the end of the call, the call recipient is provided with a mechanism, such as pressing a button, to obtain information about the caller, the entity that caused the call to be made and the contact details for these entities.If you need to change your registered number, you should remove the old number by telephoning 1300 792 958, or writing to [email protected]

It is possible to obtain products that can help you to screen calls so that you can easily identify and answer calls from known numbers.If you live in Canada, you can choose to reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive by registering your residential, wireless, fax or Vo IP telephone number on the National DNCL.If your telephone number is not linked to a business line, then you are considered to be a consumer for the purposes of the National DNCL.You can also buy products that will block calls from unidentified or unknown numbers but these devices are likely to block more than just telemarketing calls.A call made to carry out opinion-polling or market research is not a telemarketing call but some calls have more than one purpose.

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