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But no one's ever seemed to mean it quite as much as Smith.She captures the rapturous excitement of being with someone special, and, um, taking advantage of the sundown. Bruce Springsteen, "She's the One" (1975) On an album brimming over with romance, most of it of the starry-eyed, teenage-rebellion variety, "She's the One" stands out as the purest love song.John Lennon, "Love" (1970) Can love get any more straightforward than this? Love is knowing, we can be." The lyrics from this Lennon classic are sparse, to-the-point, poignant, and naked.It's a lullaby of sorts that works as a song of hope and desire.

— , Carly Simon's quintessential power ballad (written by Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager) is an overwhelming ode to He Who Does It Best. Weaving his characteristic devotional sensibilities into otherwise lighter lyrics, Harrison also delivers a euphoric sax/trumpet/tambourine combination that complements his signature guitar and vocal work.It was a sentiment that obviously resonated with a lot of people; the song was the Jackson 5's most successful single ever. Stevie Wonder, "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" (1973) Stevie's voice isn't even the first you hear on this track, and his delayed entry sees him descend into the song like the supreme arbiter of all things romantic.As his voice soars above the sweetly layered backing vocals, you start to think that's a role he was born to play.(Come on — you can't go to the zoo with Listen: Lou Reed, "Perfect Day" 17.Sister Sledge, "Thinking of You" (1979) If you can absorb the funkiness of Nile Rodgers' guitar playing, and the sweetness of Kathy Sledge's vocal, on "Thinking of You," and Listen: Sister Sledge, "Thinking of You" 16.

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Simon's full-bodied vocals are undoubtedly full of love and wonder, even if when Simon claims that "nobody does it better," you can't help but envy them both a little. David Bowie, "Be My Wife" (1977) Bowie, at the apex of his chilliest, most cerebral, most coke-whacked period, is wildly convincing as a libertine realizing he can't sustain on kicks alone. I've left every place." And if his love is one born of desperation, well, that kind gets its day in the sun too. "What is Life" makes you want to hug a stranger and kiss your lover at the same time. Donna Summer, "Love to Love You Baby" (1975) A pioneering track for early disco, "Love to Love You Baby" was also one of the most erotically charged songs of its time.

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