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If you are considering marrying a Thai woman, you should first make yourself aware of the role of Thai women in society, and how they expect both you and them to behave.Because Thailand is fundamentally a Buddhist society, the women are regarded as inferior to the men, and they do not have the same rights or position in society as men do - including their husbands.

Although young Thai girls in Bangkok and Thailand are getting a feeling of the Western ways from the media to which they have more access, they also believe that most foreigners are rich in comparison to themselves.Thai women cannot be expected to act and participate in society in the same way a western woman would, and in some cases men marrying a Thai woman are disappointed in the way they participate in their Western-style society.However, if you understand the reasons for this, your marriage could be as wonderful as you want it to be: a little understanding goes a long way.It is intended as a gesture of honor to the Thai bride's family for bringing her up well.The dowry also signifies that the groom is able to look after his bride financially.

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  1. I've always liked that athletes here are students first, and it angered me when the administration tried to change that to bring the University more prestige. Although there are definately non-alcoholic options, there is a big divide between people who party and people who don't, especially freshman year.