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White men have the privilege of not having to actively think about their intersections of race and gender, which is starkly different from black women’s realities.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the first or last awkward date I’ve had with a white man.While stereotypes I gained by watching BET say that 99% of black women have multiple kids out of wedlock and 100% have at least 1 child out of wedlock.Further research on the documentary show Maury went deeper into the problem showing that only 1 in 3 black women are correct when choosing who the father of their child is. White Women Are Book Smart – I know that statistics show that many black women graduate from college.Black women are intimidating because of all of their education and Destiny’s Child music collections. ” argument on a black woman when she ask you why you didn’t even attempt to apply for a job today after sitting on the couch playing NBA 2k10 while she was at work.Black women see cheating as lazy, disrespectful and disgusting. White women love to give oral sex like black women hate to go to the gym. When she walks in the house and smells the liquor on your breath and the faint scent of weed in the air and says, “Tyrone! You didn’t even log onto the account I created for you?

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My friend likes black girls, but he doesn’t like them too dark!

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