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Swathed in white robes, he was a bearish, bearded, jolly man, Santa Claus as swami.

I cannot recall what Yogi Bhajan said, but I remember being entranced.

Supreme wisdom and grace and serenity, total self-transcendence, liberation from mundane reality and morality.

Not just a glimpse of heaven but permanent habitation of it.

In the summer of 1996, I was perusing a newsstand in Grand Central Station when I noticed a glossy magazine titled What Is Enlightenment?

Given the scandalous behavior of so many self-proclaimed enlightened masters, one can understand why Huston Smith insists that no mere mortal can achieve total enlightenment, and why Ken Wilber contends that all gurus"no exceptions, none"--have feet of clay.

But the myth of the totally enlightened being has proven to be extraordinarily persistent.

The lanky, bearded head of the house taught the weekly classes, which consisted of tendon- and spine-twisting postures, stomach crunches, repetition of the mantra "sat nam," and dizzying breathing exercises, including a form of hyperventilation called "breath of fire." This form of yoga was introduced to the U. by an Indian adept named Yogi Bhajan, who was said by my Kundalini teacher to be completely enlightened.

When Yogi Bhajan came to Philadelphia and gave a talk at the university I was attending, I went to see him.

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