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Old copper pipework may not be done to today's standards and may even be leaking without you knowing, so leaving it in place can be a false economy.

Most plumbers now use plastic pipework where it can't be seen, such as under floorboards, because it's quicker and easier to fit than copper.

There are three main types of boiler: regular, system and combi.

Regular boilers need a cylinder (to store hot water) and tanks.

Will the existing boiler be able to comfortably supply more radiators and bathrooms, or will you need a new one?

If there's a tank for the boiler in the loft and you're planning to convert the loft, the tank will probably have to be changed to one that fits in the eaves' storage, so a boiler without tanks may be better.

Combis are most suitable for homes with one bathroom/shower room, although they can work in homes with two, providing they're powerful enough.This could free up space in your bathroom for a shower cubicle where the airing cupboard/cylinder was, for example.Old boilers also tend to be large, but many new ones aren't and some are so small that they fit in a kitchen wall unit, saving space and giving the kitchen a neater look because the boiler's hidden. Compare rates and fees at a glance] Think about any big home improvements, such as an extension or loft conversion, you may make in future and how this will impact on the boiler.System boilers also need a hot-water cylinder, which allows them to feed several outlets, such as taps and showers, at the same time, but they don't need tanks.Combis are a popular choice, as you only have to find room for the boiler itself - there are no tanks or cylinder, although some combis have a built-in tank, which gives the higher flow rate needed in a bigger property.

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