Updating kitchen counter tops

Try Formica, which makes several elegant granite-esque patterns that cost around for a 96-inch-long sheet, giving you the look of Calacatta marble for much, much less.

Or try Wilsonart’s textured, glossy sheets — perfect for creating your dream all-white kitchen without breaking the bank.

“This way, we get to make changes when we’d like to.”Project time: About a week Cost: 0 to 0Durability: Long-lasting, but stains easily Concrete countertops are back in style — Pinterest is rife with tutorials for transforming your home into industrial chic.

But owners are divided on the trend’s longevity, not to mention the upkeep.

Project time: An afternoon Cost: Less than 0Durability: Definitely not a long-term solution.

Anything from hot pots to a dropped knife can wreck the paper.

But even if it doesn’t last long, it’s easy to redo when disaster strikes.

As long as you consider it a temporary stand-in between remodels, your new countertops are unlikely to disappoint.

But if you choose to go this route, Barclay has one warning: keeping the grout clean can be a pain “due to the variety of materials that come in contact with a countertop,” she says.

Regular maintenance will be required, and you’ll want to clean spills and messes immediately.

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