Updating passport with new name

It will take two weeks for your marriage certificate to be issued after your wedding, so you will be traveling with identification in your married name.

2.) The TSA will not accept a marriage certificate as a form of identification.

CIBTvisas is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to obtain travel visas and passports. Tired of the planning your trips based on the location of your passport?

7.) If you travel for work, inform HR and the booking agency of your name-change plans.

Here, she breaks down the seven tips and suggestions on how to travel while changing your name.

Related: How to Change Your Name on Your Passport 1.) Book your honeymoon travel in your maiden name.

Updating your driver's license with a new name must be done in person.

Most states consider this change a part of the license renewal process, so you will need to take a new photograph, as well as pay the renewal fee.

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