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Nucleogenic neon is produced indirectly by radioactive decay.The radium-series, thorium-series, and actinium-series decay chains of uranium-238, thorium-232, and uranium-235, respectively, emit alpha particles while decaying to the stable lead isotopes lead-206, lead-208, and lead-207.These pieces are dominated by small particles such as protons, neutrons, and helium-3, but also include larger fragments such as neon isotopes.Cosmogenic neon accumulates in materials near the Earth's surface at a rate dependent on the cosmic radiation flux and on the properties of the material.Neon produced in this way serves as a daughter product in the (U-Th)/Ne dating system.Production rates of neon-21 and neon-22 are currently calculated using calculated reaction cross section and mineral stopping power data that has not been verified experimentally.

The observation that the abundances of isotope with shorter half-lifes are lower than abundances of isotopes with longer half-lifes has the practical consequence that isotopes with short half-lifes are best analysed with radio-activity detectors such as is about 75,000 years and dates and processes between a few dozen and 400,000 years can be determined.The stable isotopes, neon-20, neon-21, and neon-22, are present in a ratio of 9048 : 27 : 925 in the atmosphere and in varying compositions in other materials.Neon is produced by both cosmic ray and nuclear processes in geologic materials.A small proportion of the alpha particles react with other elements like oxygen and fluorine.Some of these reactions produce neon, predominantly the Ne reactions (confused by this notation? The production rate and isotopic composition of nucleogenic neon depend on the composition of the material and the energies of the incident alpha particles, but they tend to be of the order of 10 per alpha particle.

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