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(Refer to Table A for form and control properties.) At the very least, you can parrot the user's input and ask for confirmation before committing the value to its purpose, giving the user the opportunity to fix typos.

To expand the example, we'll also apply a business rule that requires both a first and last name.

If you don't know how to create a User Form, consider reading 10 steps to creating a Word userform for addressing letters before you continue.

To simplify the examples, we'll change only the properties necessary to support the technique at hand.

For instance, you might check US ZIP code entries by ensuring that each character is a numeric digit and that there are five (or nine) characters.

Unfortunately, you can't verify that the entered ZIP code is the right ZIP code for a corresponding address.

Fortunately, you can include a bit of VBA code to check input values for specific attributes.A closed control forces the user to choose an item from a list.In this way, you protect your data from typos and invalid entries because the user never enters a new or unique value from the keyboard.Figure D shows the results of entering alpha characters and too many (it could also be too few) characters.We've closed the door a bit and only some values will make it through.

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Only when the user selects a value from the available options does Word open the door and let the value in.

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