Validating the sensor network calculus by simulations

Secondly, this treats actual sink-tree network model by considering joining of traffic.

Thirdly, this separates the service curve and bounding function calculation to avoid double counting.

His group explored the so-called sol-gel synthesis approach, which gives unique access to a wide variety of monodispersed nanoscopic metal fluorides.

When wireless sensor networks are introduced in industrial settings, they will be part of a much larger heterogeneous sensor and actuation network that includes those sub-networks together with Ethernet cabled Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and control stations. We propose mechanisms to measure, verify, control and debug expected operation time bounds in such heterogeneous sensor and actuator networks.However, the performance estimation of such wireless multi-hop communication is not so easy because the bit error ratio and symbol rate adaptation heavily depend on various environmental conditions.Stochastic network calculus (SNC) is a theory for the performance estimation of network.Since 2002, he has coordinated many European projects structuring the laser, plasma and accelerators communities.Victor Malka, fellow of APS and EPS, member of the Romanian Academy of Science, got 2 Advanced and 2 Proof of Concept grants from ERC.

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