What are the 5 stages of dating

The first phase of courtship is letting others know that you are present and available through a variety of means such as posture, clothing, facial expressions, movement, and other related non-verbal communications.

Similar to a peacock showing its feathers, this first stage of the courtship process is a complex come-hither dance that combines attention-getting behavior with still what Charles Darwin called 'submissive displays' - but most of us just call it flirting.

It's when major life stressors interrupt the forward motion of your life together—such as fertility issues, a death in the family, a major illness or the loss of a job that leads to serious economic upheaval.

Your Challenge: Seek support, both separately and together, depending on the situation.

in a crowded room and noticing who responds to your cry.

Children and grandchildren gravitate back to the happy home they remember.

All marital unions are not created equal—but that said, they all go through some predictable stages.

The timing may differ, and the way a couple manages the phase they're in varies widely, but most of the stages happen, to most of us.

The last stage of courtship may follow for some couples, which includes even more non-verbal communication, such as cuddling, hand-holding, stroking, gazing, kissing and other affectionate movements.

Even our voices change when intimate with another person, tapping into the vibrations in our inner ears and creating a whole new sense of closeness.

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