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So that's a good sign."Watch his interview for yourself, below: "Great chemistry? Reinhart herself added to this relationship buzz earlier this month, when she wrote a very touching message on Instagram about Sprouse for his birthday. We’ve done some digging into Cole Sprouse’s dating timeline and we found some interesting posts online.Nothing is safe once it’s on the Internet and now that Sprouse is back in the limelight, screaming fans are dying to know who he’s with these days! According to Teen.com, Sprouse has been single since June 2015.fans lost it when shots from later season one episodes revealed that Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper (affectionately known as Bughead) would eventually be coupling up.

You just hear them talk like they've been best friends for 20 years. co-stars in photoshoots before, and this is likely just another instance of that.That said, some fans are using this as a jumping-off point for some more in-depth speculation., there's a good chance you want the actors who play the characters to date in real life.So, allow me to attempt to answer a question that may or may not be running through your mind ever since Bughead shared their first kiss. Based on an Instagram Sprouse shared last Saturday, it sure seems like fans really want these two to be a couple off-screen, too.

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