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It was a huge relief to see Wallace taking over the parenting.‘We could have done all the feeding and caring for Khari, but you really need a lion to teach a cub how to be a lion.’As the months have gone by, the bond between father and son has only got deeper.

Adam says: ‘From the start, Khari followed Wallace everywhere, like his shadow.

This makes the sound an ear-splitting 114 decibels, louder than a motorcycle engine, and it can be heard up to five miles away.

Adam says: ‘As the dominant male, Wallace does most of the roaring.’ But now Khari is also finding his voice.

Khari, whose name means ‘like a king’ in Swahili — was one of just two cubs born to the couple.

His twin, with birth defects, lived only a few days.

Yet Wallace amazed his keepers at Blackpool Zoo by stepping into the breach — and showing incredible devotion and patience looking after his cub.

On the eve of Father’s Day, we reveal the father-son bond that will touch every lions are usually not exactly hands-on dads.

At first, he looked surprised at the big sounds that came out, as if he was thinking: “Hang on a minute. ”’When he was born on May 2015, Khari weighed just over 5lb.

However, they tend to have a much shorter fuse than the mums — often swatting mischievous youngsters away with their giant paws, or snarling at them when their patience wears thin.

Rachel and Wallace, both bred in captivity in the UK, had been together for nine years.

‘He’s very relaxed — authoritative when he needs to be, but not too aggressive.

His tolerance levels are also a lot higher than you’d normally expect from older male lions.

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