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Summer is gaining the minute lost from spring, and autumn is gaining the half-minute lost from winter.Winter is the shortest astronomical season, and with its seasonal duration continuing to decrease, it is expected to attain its minimum value - 88.71 days - by about the year 3500.Avid "Seinfeld" fans might remember the episode when Jerry's friend, George, was desperately trying to find a way to postpone his impending Christmastime wedding with his fiancee, Susan. In fact, did you know that during the 20th Century, March 21 was actually the exception rather than the rule?He finally comes up with a solution: "Have the wedding on March 21 - the first day of spring! While it's true that we've traditionally celebrated the beginning of spring on March 21, astronomers and calendar manufacturers alike now say that the spring season starts one day earlier, March 20, in all time zones in North America. The vernal equinox landed on March 21, only 36 out of 100 years.Invite your guy and some other couples over, and pick out a few games that require teams. To make things more interesting, pick up a bottle of inexpensive vino for the winning players.

Invite your guy over for a low-key antidote to an otherwise crazy month. Try Loaded Questions, a hot Q&A that asks things like "If you were invisible, where would you go?This alone would make the time of sunrise and sunset a little more than 12 hours apart on these days.The Sun's apparent diameter is roughly equal to half a degree (0.50 degrees).Skip the candles and oils — a basic bubble bath is more guy-friendly.To make the dip a deux even steamier, tease him by letting the bubbles cover some of your body while revealing other parts. Pick him up from work, and whisk him away to a burger joint where you can dig into some red meat together and enjoy a few beers.

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In other words, the geometric center of the Sun is actually 0.83 derees below a flat and unobstructed horizon at the moment of sunrise.

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