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This works really well when praying out loud with kids, because they are in the same boat of uncertainty as they learn what prayer is all about.Work with them to create the prayer list, then use it to pray together out loud. Embrace the opportunity to pray out loud when you are especially troubled. There is something very specific on your heart at that moment.

There may be nothing more terrifying to me than being placed in a situation where I’m asked to pray with or for another person directly (e.g., at a retreat, in a small group, after church, etc.).

It was also cool he took on the role of the Floronic Man/Jason Woodrue in Batman and Harley Quinn, not too much else to say there. With a remarkable portfolio and an overall massive voice that can run the gamut from sounding downright vicious, entertaining, to even hilarious, the chances of someone having heard at least one or two of this man's roles *wouldn't* be slim.

I have much respect for the talent that Kevin Michael Richardson has he great as Joker, Mogo, Dark Laser, Kilowog, Groot, Robert Hawkins, Cleveland Jr. Honestly I can't find many people who don't care for Richardson.

I look forward to hearing more of Bulkhead in the last couple of episodes in the show.

Earlier this year when I went through the entirety of Samurai Jack, hearing KMR's Demongo for the first time was nothing short of awesome.

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Honorable mentions are reserved for Heihachi Mishima, Dr. Happy B-Day Kevin Michael Richardson, The Sameul L. It's easy to tell that Kevin voices Jolee, but he does it with such emotional weight that you can't help but be enthralled when Jolee reminisces on old stories with you. With that said the only real problem is that creators and casting directors don't take KMR to his advantage and use him to the fullest extent of his vocal range.

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